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Lodging Newsletter August 25th, 2014

By William May
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It has been too long since the last Insider. My lame excuse is that - well - it is summer, and it is hot, and uh I forgot.

But I have updates, tweaks, reminders, suggestions, compliments and even a few complaints.

Tell me when I am wrong. Please.


William May



Team members - Quick constant communication between all team members is a requirement, especially between the office and onsite. Last week someone called in a clean, but later revisited the home and left out linens. We quickly booked the home and guests arrived to find linens hanging. A quick call to office in advance would have saved the day.

Satellite - This type of TV signal is less reliable than cable. While cleaning the home, take time to make sure the satellite is working. If not, telephone the office immediately so we can alert incoming guests. This avoids unhappiness.

Keysafe Codes - There is only one way to create keysafe codes. (1) Use a different code for every house. (2) Use only 4 digits, that do not repeat. (3) Set the backup code using our secret system (4) Do this while standing at the safes (5) Telephone the new codes to the office before leaving the keysafes. No exceptions or we'll make mistakes. Reminder: Codes must not repeat a digits. So 5456 would be wrong.

Propane Spares - For safety reasons, using propane Barbecues is far preferable to Charcoal. Every BBQ should have at least 1 and sometimes 2 spares, usually stored in the garage. Every BBQ must have a laminated "Instructions" notice attached. Plus Joe has created a new notice "Tag" that should go on every propane tank asking guests to let us know if they swap out a tank. (If any of your properties do not have these notices, call quick today and we'll jet them out to you.)

Early Checkins - Guests are not allowed to checkin early unless they have arranged an early-checkin in writing. That can only be done 24 hours in advance and only if there is no back-to-back and the cleaning is already done. If Guests do so while you are cleaning, then housekeepers are to cease cleaning, tell guests of the policy, and if the guest do not depart, then the housekeeper must leave the home uncleaned. If they do enter the home and refuse to leave, telephone the office.

New Properties - We are happy to announce a half dozen new rentals in the past few weeks and many are already up and accepting guests. Here are a few:

Copyright: Did you know that people sometimes steal our photos? They are copyrighted and its against the law. If you see unauthorized uses of our photos, let Joe know right away.

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(1) What does the Acronym VRA stands for?

(2) What does the Acronym WAVRMA stands for?

(3) What does the Acronym CVRP stands for?

Rush your answers to me. First winner gets a stress free year.

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(1) What year was the US National Anthem written? ANSWER: 1814.

(2) Which two presidents died on a 4th of July. ANSWER: Actually there were three - Thomas Jefferson, John Adams & James Monroe.

(3) The founding fathers were citizens of which country? ANSWER: Britain.

(4) What date is Canada Day? ANSWER: July 1st.

If you did not respond with an email answer, don't be bashful. We need to know you are receiving, reading and heeding these Insider emails.

Author: William May – Manager, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0368 – 08/26/14

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