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Lodging Update September 22nd, 2014

By William May
Published: 09/23/14 Topics: Comments:

It was a good summer for rentals. Maybe caused by the improving economy, but probably caused by everyone's continued great work. Thank you.

Remember to tell me where I am wrong. And tell me the latest news with you.


William May

Vortex Organization



Dropping the Ball - Communication is easy if you make sure you communicated. Let's say a home needs more propane. Emailing or voicemailing the problem (We do not use texting) to someone is not solving the problem until the recipient calls you back to confirm they got the message, you must keep contacting them. This only works if the recipient answers their phone, and says something like "Yes I understand" or "I'll do it" then the communique is complete.

Purchasing Department - Ah ha, another problem solved with streamlined thinking. We know its difficult to keep every thing up to date in every home. Running to the store to buy supplies, notice frames, replacement parties, etc. is a pain, plus it takes too long. The solution is to buy many things online, and with they'll even ship them mostly for free usually arriving within a day or two. You can telephone the office with whatever you need and we'll make it appear at the unit magically. We do the accounting. Please start using us today.

Touch Once - when you have a problem fix it the first time. Trying temporary fixes may be necessary, but efforts can not stop until a permanent solution is fixed. For example, if a faucet is leaking, you can try to twist it hard. But a plumber needs to be called fast. Don't allow such problems to go on and on. Remember the old adage, "No good deed goes unpunished" (Such as temporary problems). Fixing it fast and first reduces stress, makes guests happy and impresses property owners.

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Rush your answers to me. First winner gets a prize from Starbucks.

(1) What is a "Check Up Clean?"

(2) What is a "Freshen Clean?"

(3) What is an "Out Clean?"

(4) Who is on the "Clean Team?"

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Thanks for everyone for voting. If you did not respond, how do we know you are reading and heeding these missives?

(1) Which is better a Propane briquette Barbecue? Propane. (Avoid charcoal)

(2) How many key safes should be on every unit? Two. Front door & Backup often at backdoor.

(3) How far in advance can guests be granted an early checkin? No more than 24 hours prior to arrival. (To avoid back-to-back conflicts)

(4) How far in advance can a guest be granted a late checkout? No more than 4 hours prior to departure. (To avoid back-to-back conflicts.)

** There is a charge for early arrivals or late departures.

Author: William May – Manager, Plumbob Publishing
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