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NW Skier, Vol. 1, No. 23-24 - Crystal Mountain photos

Published: 04/13/59 Topics: Comments: 0

Lyle Christopherson spent ten days this winter touring in the proposed Crystal Mountain ski area. Six photos are shown. "Skiing Room" depicts Crystal Mountain (now called Silver Queen) and Round Mountain (later site of the summit lodge) from Silver Creek near the current base area. "Lower Slopes" depicts the eventual site of the lower cha Read more Leave comments

NW Skier, Vol. 1, No. 22 - Wilderness bill

Published: 04/03/59 Topics: Comments: 0

During two days of hearings in Seattle on March 30-31, more than 100 witnesses commented on the proposed Wilderness Bill, with opinions generally split between industry and recreation. Mountaineers and conservationists fell together, while skiers seemed divided on the question. Alan F. Black of the Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Co. testified Read more Leave comments

NW Skier, Vol. 1, No. 16 - Riblet Tramway Co. history

Published: 02/19/59 Topics: Comments: 0

Byron C. Riblet came to Spokane as a railroad surveyor, then in 1897 worked for the Washington Water Power Co. as a civil engineer surveying and installing street car tracks in Spokane. As his engineering reputation spread, he landed a job in the British Columbia interior designing an aerial Read more Leave comments

NW Skier, Vol. 1, No. 10 - Crystal Mountain stock sale, history

Published: 01/08/59 Topics: Comments: 0

The potential for a ski area in the Crystal Mtn-Corral Pass area was initially investigated in 1938-39. Plans were halted by World War II. By the time the war ended, the group that originated the idea had scattered and it was several years before the concept was considered again. One of the early enthusiasts was Rev. Leo Gaffney, S.J., a professor of civil engineering at Seattle University and an avid mountaineer, though not a skier. Seattle U. had a lodge near Silver Springs and Father Gaffney began studying the Corral Pass area for a possible ski area. He eventually turned over his findings to a group of Seattle businessmen headed by Don Amick, a former U.S. Olly Read more Leave comments

NW Skier, Vol. 1, No. 9 - Mt Garibaldi proposed development

Published: 01/01/59 Topics: Comments: 0

Adi F. Bauer, president of the Garibaldi Development Co., Ltd., announced plans for a major winter resort on the slopes of Mt Garibaldi. The $5.5 million development, on land to be transferred out of Garibaldi Provincial Park, would be seven miles by road from the town of Squamish and would include a Read more Leave comments