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NW Skier, Vol. 13, No. 14 - Sylvain Saudan skis Mt Hood, Newton Clark Headwall

Published: 04/01/71 Topics: Comments: 0

After a delay of two weeks due to illness and bad weather, 35 year-old Swiss mountaineer and ski instructor Sylvain Saudan completed a ski descent of the Newton Clark Headwall of Mt Hood on March 1, 1971. (The article calls Saudan's descent the WY 'east Face, but a photo of the route makes it clear that it was the Newton Clark Headwall.) The descent followed a four-day blizzard that dumped up to five-feet of snow on the mountain. Unable to see the summit, Saudan laid plans for the first descent Read more Leave comments

NW Skier, Vol. 13, No. 11 - Yodelin avalanche, unsung heroes

Published: 02/19/71 Topics: Comments: 0

While saying little about the tragedy, which was covered extensively in the mainstream press, this article recognizes Stevens Pass people who came to the rescue after the Yodelin avalanche on Read more Leave comments

NW Skier, Vol. 13, No. 8 - McKenzie Pass cross-country race

Published: 01/08/71 Topics: Comments: 0

Although slightly outside the geographical scope of this project, this article is noteworthy. It describes the revival of the John Craig Memorial Race over Oregon's McKenzie Pass. In 1877, John Templeton Craig lost his life in a blizzard while attempting to deliver the mail on skis across this pass, just north of the Three Sisters. In the early 1930s, Oregon historians and skiers created a memorial ski race over the same terrain. During the next twenty years, downhill skiing became so popular that the race Read more Leave comments