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Puttin' On the Ritz - Luxury Vacation Rentals Are Hot & Here's Why

By Ana M. Kinkaid
Published: 08/20/07 Topics: Comments:

Not all vacation rentals are cozy vacation homes. Some are grand estates that celebrities have been enjoying for years. But whether the rental is a cabin nestled in the woods or a mansion overlooking the sea, vacation rentals are one of the best and least expensive forms of lodging available to travelers.

Take a look at the value that even the grandest of properties offers:

La Veranda in Umbria Italy is a five bedroom 17th century farmhouse with satellite television, Internet and a pool set among a grove olive and cypress trees. It rents for about $1,200 a night.

Now that might seem high, but remember it has five bedrooms - enough for ten people or five happy couples. Divide ten into $1,200 and the cost per person is a mere $120 for your own Italian estate!

Not bad when you consider that nearby hotels with similar amenities charge over $400 a night. That's quite a savings. But there's more.

By choosing to stay in a vacation rental, guests can enjoy and participate in the local community in a much more natural way. Vacation rentals are the best way to enjoy the latest trend in the hospitality industry - experience based travel.

But the trend to enjoy elegant vacation rentals isn't limited just to Europe. Recently even a home designed by the famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, joined the ranks of available vacation rentals. Located in Acme Pa, the Duncan House is set in a beautifully landscaped garden with shade trees and walking paths.

This one-of-a-kind property offers three never to be forgotten bedrooms all for $385 per night (two night weekend stays only). Anyone looking at the website for the property ( would have to agree, the Duncan House is not only amazing and unique but also an unbelievable bargain.

As more and more travelers enjoy the luxury of a home away from home at prices below the price of a standard (and often boring) hotel room, our segment of the hospitality industry continues to grow and expand.

Once "puttin' on the ritz" was only for the wealthy who could afford the glamorous Ritz Hotel in Paris or New York. Today, the discerning travelers can select another choice - one in tune with the times: Vacation Rentals!


Do YOU have a favorite luxury rental that you think is great? Please email us at VROA and let us help you share your find with others. We can all learn by sharing and remembering what a true bargain vacation rentals are?

Your calls and emails are so welcomed here at VROA. Call us at 206-343-7777, ext 920 or Ana @vroa.orgAna


TOP PROPERTY: The Sandpiper Beach House, Provincetown - Cape Cod

The world of vacation rentals has largely been made possible by the most far reaching invention of this century - the Internet. But successful vacation rentals owners must do more than just have a website. They must offer a website that is attractive and informative enough to catch and hold the traveler's interest.

One such outstanding site is the Sandpiper Beach House, located on Cape Cod. From the professional photographs to the restful choice of background screen color, this site sets the tone for the viewer within seconds of logging on. Elegant and readable font types were selected as well as easy to read maps and clear directions. The total graphic impact of the site is elegant, restful and chic.

With a site as beautiful as the property, the Sandpiper Beach House is this week's "Top Property". Well done, Sandpiper Beach House!


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Author: Ana M. Kinkaid, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0081 – 08/20/07

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