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May 2013 Speakers Covered The Bases

(News Item #0283, Published: 05/07/13, Author: Josh Dettwiller, – Speakers for the May 2012 get together of the Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association ( covered topics from State Tourism to startling internet innovations. Read more

Florida Vacation Rental Managers Teach Liens

(News Item #0282, Published: 02/20/13, Author: , – Vacation Rental property managers are sometimes left short by property owners. The Association offers a course that deals with collecting from property owners including the use of liens. Read more

Ed's First Committee Meeting Feburay 12th

(News Item #0279, Published: 01/20/13, Author: William Victor May, – It was tought to pick a name for Ed Bannister's first every organizaing committee. So we called it "Friends of Ed" and you are invitied. Feburary 6, 2013 Pemco Insurance Building in Seattle. Read more

Your 2013 travel resolution? Don’t be a jerk

(News Item #0278, Published: 01/03/13, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – Wheter you're flygin, driving or sailing, there's something about travel that brings out the jer in all of us. Read more

Ed's Friend Lester Smith Dead at Age 93

(News Item #0275, Published: 10/25/12, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – Seattle investor, radio man, Mariner Baseball team partner, Lester Smith has died according to Sports Press Northwest. A mentor to so many people its hard to find someone who did not work for him. Read more

Delicious Surpise on Gray's Harbors Highway 105

(News Item #0304, Published: 09/25/12, Author: , Seattle PI Newspaper) – I was totally unprepared for the treasure I found driving down Highway 105 from Westport to Raymond on the "30 Miles of Junque Weekend." Including food. Read more

New Gallery Flows into Westport Marina Area

(News Item #0273, Published: 06/29/12, Author: William Victor May, – It may be a fishing village but there are as many artists in Westport as there are boat captains and deck hands. New gallery puts the art right next to the boat docks. Read more

New Washington State Vacation Rental Website

(News Item #0271, Published: 06/01/12, Author: William Victor May, – There is a new vacation rental website in Washington state that lists homes only from quality managers who are members of the Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association. Read more

WAVRMA widens doors for new members & directors

(News Item #0263, Published: 04/27/12, Author: William Victor May, – Washington State Vacation Rental Manager Association returns to its roots of free wwheeling open-forum trade association open to membeship by managers, suppliers and vacation rental suppoters. Read more

Twas the Night Before Vacation Rental Christmas

(News Item #0259, Published: 01/09/12, Author: Jan Covey, – A little poem written by a ski resort vacation rental manager on the slopes of Washington State's Mount Rainier National Park.

VRA Director - 10 Things Vacation-Rental Sites Won't Say

(News Item #0257, Published: 12/14/11, Author: Linda Lacina, Smart Money Magazine) – Since 2008, when Americans spent $24 billion on vacation rentals, the industry has undergone a veritable sea change, thanks to a new breed of travel-booking websites Read more

Sunspots President - 10 Things Vacation Rental Websites Won't Say

(News Item #0258, Published: 12/14/11, Author: Linda Lacina, Smart Money Magazine) – Since 2008, when Americans spent $24 billion on vacation rentals, the industry has undergone a veritable sea change, thanks to a new breed of travel-booking websites Read more

Skyo Lodge Mount Rainier Packwood Vacation Rental

(News Item #0256, Published: 11/13/11, Author: William Victor May, – For years Skyo Lodge in the shadow of Mount Rainier National Park, had been a favorite vacation rental. Now it has been updated, renovated and is under new management with Packwood Sunspot Managers. Read more

Cascade Crest Condos Newest in Leavenworth's Bavarian Village

(News Item #0251, Published: 08/20/11, Author: William Victor May, – Cascade Crest Condos are Leavenworth Washington's Newest lodging destination and located in the heart of the replica Bavarian Village next to the Fest Halle. Read more

The Music-Copyright Enforcers

(News Item #0272, Published: 08/06/11, Author: , New York Times) – Read more

Readers Digest Magazine Grades The BBB

(News Item #0285, Published: 08/01/11, Author: , – Long considered an impartial arbiter of who’s scamming whom (and who’s not), the Better Business Bureau—a “federated association” of locally run bureaus—has been facing questions Read more

Quiet Cove Lake House new at Lake Cushman

(News Item #0250, Published: 08/01/11, Author: , – Sunspot Vacation Rental Managers adds Quiet Cove Lake House on Lake Cushman, near Hood Canal, Washington State. Executive Vacation Rental home. Read more

TripAdvisor releases survey results

(News Item #0246, Published: 07/27/11, Author: Greg Coffone, –

Homeaway announces Brand Boost Program

(News Item #0244, Published: 07/21/11, Author: Greg Coffone, –

Mountain Pine Cabin Near Leavenworth Washington

(News Item #0252, Published: 07/08/11, Author: William Victor May, – Mountain Pine Cottage near Leavenworth Washington now offered by Leavenworth Sunspot Vacation Rentals as a easy to rent, easy to pay getaway. Read more

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