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Student's killing puts spotlight on illegal 'vacation rentals'

(News Item #0185, Published: 11/15/09, Author: , – Unsold home becomes vacation rental that allows college age kids to rent it for parties and problems. Read more

HomeAway to make national ad debut during 2010 Super Bowl

(News Item #0182, Published: 10/20/09, Author: Brandie Unash, Puget Sound Business Journal) – HomeAway announced that it will be advertising during the 2010 Super Bowl. Read more

Travellers could be sued for hotel rants

(News Item #0181, Published: 10/12/09, Author: NA NA, – In Australia large companies find it difficult to sue for defamation, but employees of those companies and smaller firms can sue travellers for harsh reviews. Read more

Amtrak Empire Builder Service to Leavenworth, WA, to Begin September 25, 2009

(News Item #0180, Published: 09/17/09, Author: , ) – Community Celebrates the Restoration of Rail Passenger Service with Opening of Icicle Station Read more

Friendliest Pet Video Contest Announced by

(News Item #0171, Published: 08/27/09, Author: William Victor May, – Now your wacky, weird or just plain wonderful pet video can star on Read more

Bedbugs bring exterminators together for a summit in Seattle

(News Item #0174, Published: 08/27/09, Author: Mark Rahner, Seattle Times Newspaper) – When a problem makes it into a late-night monologue, it's gone mainstream. Even Former President Clinton had them in his office for a few days. And experts are meeting to discuss the problem. Read more

Are travel agents making a comeback?

(News Item #0169, Published: 08/12/09, Author: Stephenie Chen, – Online travel sites flooded with overwhelming options, all claiming the best deals. But some travelers find themselves defecting to brick and mortar travel agents for the extra help and service. Read more

Chelan Suites Condos To Be Auctioned August 8, 2009

(News Item #0159, Published: 07/27/09, Author: William Victor May, – Read more

Bed Bugs: After 60 Years, They're Baaaack!

(News Item #0175, Published: 07/15/09, Author: Alfred Glossbrenner, – Virtually eliminated after World War II, the banning of the pesticide DDT in 1972 has resulted in the slow rebuilding of Bed Bug pest problem. Infestations have grown fast in the past five years. Read more

National Geographic Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Video

(News Item #0176, Published: 07/15/09, Author: , – They disappeared after World War II but after the pesticides DDT was banned in 1072, they've made a come back. infestations have soared in past 5years. National Geo shows them at work. Yuck. Read more

Sunspots President Says Book Last Minute, but You Won't Be Beached

(News Item #0163, Published: 07/10/09, Author: Andrea Sachs, – According to William May, President of Sunspot Inns, Resorts & Vacation Rentals ( booking last minute won't leave you beached. Read more

VRA Director Says Book Last Minute, but You Won't Be Beached

(News Item #0160, Published: 07/10/09, Author: Andrea Sachs, – According to William May, Director of the Vacation Rental Industry Association (, booking last minute won't leave you beached. Check out Cape Map. Read more

'Illegal' high-rise hotels targeted

(News Item #0170, Published: 07/02/09, Author: Fran Spielman, – If you live in a Chicago high-rise condo building and want to rent out your home as a vacation rental, you may be out of luck if Alderman Brendan Reilly has his way. Read more

Anatomy of a News Council Complaint

(News Item #0195, Published: 07/01/09, Author: John Hamer, MediaEthicsMagazine) – Analysis of a News Complaint and Hearing that finds KIRO TV Seattle Washington Guilty in open hearing. Read more

Sunspot Resorts Offers CSA Vacation Rental Travel Insurance

(News Item #0152, Published: 06/25/09, Author: Ronald Wallace Lee, – Sunspots Offers Vacation Rental Travel Insurance from CSA Travel Protection. Read more

The people convict KIRO-TV

(News Item #0194, Published: 06/10/09, Author: Chuck Taylor, – Non-profot, non-governmental WA News Council held a hearing in the unofficial case of Sec. of State WA v. KIRO-TV in Seattle and found KIRO Guilty. Read more

Ocean Shores added to Sunspot Resorts Map

(News Item #0150, Published: 05/25/09, Author: Ronald Wallace Lee, – Ocean Shores Reservation Service has joined the Sunspot Resorts Vacation Rental Network as an affiliate. The companies will provide services to each other's guests. Read more

Seattle Corporate Housing & Vacation Rental Alliance Announced

(News Item #0149, Published: 05/01/09, Author: Ronald Wallace Lee, – Pacific Guest Suites a provider of medium term corporate housing has entered into an agreement with Sunspot Resorts to offer some of its properties on a weekly basis. Read more

Wenatchee, WA May Regulate Vacation Rentals

(News Item #0151, Published: 05/01/09, Author: , Wenatchee World Newspaper) – Read more

Sunspots President Speaks to Conference

(News Item #0148, Published: 04/28/09, Author: David Watts, – The annual conference of, held in Las Vegas April 26th hosted presentations by William May president of Sunspot Vacation Rentals on how to turn Unsold Listing into Revenue. Read more

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